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Bolster specializes in AI for Sales.

What is a Bolster?

Bolster helps companies increase sales and efficiency using Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) based ideas. Areas addressed are a company’s Customer Communication (leads or lack of leads), Sales Campaigns and Order flows. AI for Sales produces Increased Sales and Efficiency.


Bolster’s expertise centers on Sales Acceleration, Customer Contact and Order Process Automation strategies. Focus areas are Machine Learning-based Sales and Throughput Tools that create results. Get to know your Next Customer and Accelerate the Sales Process now by starting a conversation.

That is Bolster.

Start a Conversation

What would inspire you to look at AI enhanced sales strategies? Bolster may be able to offer some ideas. Reach out by text at the Contact link with any thoughts or questions about Sales Acceleration with increased Prospects.

What customers say:

Healthcare Co.

“The conversation we embarked on with Bolster brought us a really unique idea that has netted results for our organization. Sometimes it makes sense to hear about avenues that we would not naturally explore. All the way through the process, it became clear that there would be a customized solution for us that could directly increase sales with the least amount of disruption for the company. That solution has become an integral part of the team here!”

Manager, Business Development Operations
Healthcare network named one of nation’s top five largest health systems

B2B Business Communications Co.

“Engaging with Bolster has been a game-changer for us. It’s difficult to know everything about new technology paths, even if you are a tech (or a tech savvy) corporation like ours is. Bolster listened to some of the difficulties we were having with our own customer communications. While challenges may not instantly disappear, we are extremely excited about moving ahead with this new process. We know for sure that sales will be very positively affected because Bolster offered us some insights.”

Head of Marketing
Top name-brand B2B business communications provider

Can Artificial Intelligence (AI) do Sales Nurturing and Sales Prospecting?

With the discussion of Artificial Intelligence taking over media and the internet, is the implementation and value following for business? Companies like are beginning to inject some real AI for Sales into their software.

Most business people want the bottom line. In fact, “Generating New Revenue” is often a top response in surveys about what companies want AI to do for them in their business. That often comes down to an intense scrutiny on ensuring AI services and efforts produce new customers.

Using AI for lead nurturing is possible. Many people immediately think of chatbots in this regard. Chatbots can be incredibly helpful for answering common, simple questions and routing inquiries – but that is not the same as nurturing. Avoid robocallers – receiving or using them! A drip email campaign is often categorized as nurturing, but people know when they are being dripped. It is not personal like interacting in a back and forth exchange that moves your customer’s goals forward.

When is AI Nurturing useful in sales?

Companies spend effort and resources on marketing. This results in hand-raisers – people that volunteer their personal information, including contact details. These may be immediate, incoming prospects that are not getting addressed by sales people in a timely fashion or the leads could be past, aged prospects. The trouble is no matter how new or old they are, you just don’t know which prospects are most interested now in moving forward with a discussion or purchase. Nurturing these leads in a personal way WILL uncover prospects that are now ready for the next step. But sometimes using human capitol to contact these low scoring leads isn’t possible or just doesn’t make sense. AI software services can do this personally, like a person would.
This type of nurturing can be completely independent of normal sales / marketing drip and funnel communications.

How do Prospects raise their hand?
An inbound lead is a prospect who initiates contact with your business via website, social media, or phone. A lead may express interest in your company’s products or services and provides their contact information by:
• Downloading content from your website
• Event attendance
• Subscribing to your blog
• Completing a web form or “Contact Us” request
• Registering for an online or live event
• Calling, emailing, or chatting directly with your business

When is AI Prospecting useful in sales?

Having tons of leads that need to be better leveraged is common in companies with big marketing budgets. But what if you could just use more interested warm prospects? This is also extremely common. AI software can help here as well. Al search algorithms have improved immensely in the last few years as has network effects, allowing you to be matched with your ideal customers for new, warm conversations.

Are computers ready to replace people?


What do computers do better and what do humans do better in Sales?

People do things computers simply cannot do. Complex decisions that require training and judgement are a great example of that. Also, no one really wants to have a relationship with computers. If you have ever really tried to get to know your Alexa-type smart speaker, you know she’s pretty shallow.
AI in Sales works best with simple tasks that are repetitive, scheduling meetings could be one of these. With that said, certain AI services can understand and respond to a medium level of intent within customer communications. Intent as in what customers want out of the interaction. If there is a need to engage back and forth at scale – like having 100’s of Inside Sales or SDR’s communicate with prospects to generate warm conversations with salespeople – deploying Artificial Intelligence could be smart. It’s really about Amplifying Human Effort.

Could an AI-enabled Lead Generation Service company be for you?

Bolster was born to help companies explore AI-based tools (software or SaaS products that your company manages). But some do not have the time or resources to mange even simple tools. Understood! Another option is a highly motivated outsourced Lead Gen relationship where the AI tools and prospecting workforce are managed for you. Bolster is expert in guiding your best course of action for new business prospects!

3 Big ways Machine Learning Services can increase sales:

  • AI Services Never Get Tired or Cranky. They are politely persistent and consistent
  • AI Services are Not Biased Against Certain Prospects or Lead Sources
  • AI Services won’t Leave for a New Job – right after you’ve finished training them

Who needs AI for Sales?

Aside from the above-mentioned management of inbound leads or creating new, warm conversations, AI can help in a myriad of sales and marketing functions.

There are 4 key personas or roles for an AI Assistant in Sales:

  • The AI Administrative Assistant
  • The AI Sales Researcher
  • The AI Sales Manager Assistant
  • The AI Sales Accelerator

See AI for Sales for specific tasks that each of them can do today (and what they “look like”).

How is Bolster different and helpful?

Bolster has 3 main unique qualities:

  1. It is not one software product or service. Bolster works with a range of services to help you explore whether one can be of help to your company – or not.
  2. Extensive knowledge of what works and what does not work with AI for Sales and Marketing.
  3. A commitment to serve your needs above all else.

How to find out if there could be a match:
Click the Contact Button to exchange a bit of email with Bolster. If it’s in the wheelhouse – you’ll receive calendar availability for a brief consult by phone or video.

What exactly is AI?

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is an area of computer science that makes machines do things that would require intelligence if done by a human. Artificial Intelligence in business includes tasks like learning, seeing, talking, socializing, reasoning, order flow or problem-solving.

About 63% of people are already using it, maybe without realizing it.

Search and Voice Search use natural language processing and image recognition – which is AI.

Recommendations on Amazon, Netflix and other common sites use AI.

48% of people opt for live chat when they have a customer service question, nearly as many that opt for phone or email now.

As long as they get their resolution, 40% of those people don’t care if it’s a human or an AI tool that’s helping them.

When AI is assisting in Sales, it never gets bored, never calls in sick, has no limit to the amount of work it can do, doesn’t need to sleep, and doesn’t leave for a new job.